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Funded Projects

2024 Funded Projects


Radar Speed Signs (23,007.00)


BPFF awarded a grant to support the installation of radar feedback signs equipped with radar sensors that display the speed of approaching vehicles in real-time. These signs serve as a visual reminder to drivers of their current speed, encouraging them to adjust accordingly if they exceed the speed limit. By promoting self-regulation and increased awareness of speed limits, these signs aim to enhance road safety for both drivers and pedestrians. The project is expected to create safer streets and increase citizen satisfaction by addressing speeding complaints, ultimately fostering a positive relationship between the Department and the community.


ALPR Investigative Enhancements (7,500.00)


BPFF awarded a grant to enhance the Flock Safety system with advanced search features. These enhancements include Convoy Search, Visual Search, Multi-Geo Search, Vehicle Description Alerts, Custom Hot List Attachments, and Custom Hot List Deconfliction. This upgrade will significantly improve the Bellaire Police Department's investigative capabilities, enabling the identification of suspect vehicles, tracing vehicles across multiple incidents, and providing detailed case information. The community will benefit from increased crime resolution and deterrence, reinforcing trust and safety through the strategic use of cutting-edge technology.


Special Response Team Communications Gear (29,946.00)


BPFF awarded a grant for discrete communications headsets for the SRT Team, CID, and Tactical Medics. These headsets will facilitate covert surveillance operations , while also providing hearing protection during firearm use.  The improved communication capability will ensure efficient coordination during warrant services, surveillance, and event security, strengthening the Department's effectiveness and community trust.


Drones and Software (88,028.00)


BPFF awarded a grant for new weatherproof outdoor drones equipped with advanced zoom and thermal cameras, along with indoor drones for tactical building clearing. This grant also includes software for tracking drones and streaming live video to Command Staff, dispatch, and other Officers. The new drones will enhance patrol capabilities, improve safety during high-risk building clearings, and provide real-time situational awareness for better decision-making. This project replaces outdated drones, incorporates the latest technology, and strengthens community trust by ensuring BPD is well-equipped and self-reliant.


Electronic Ticket Writers (65,346.00)


BPFF awarded a grant for Electronic Ticket Writers, which will replace the outdated VP2 system. This new devices enable Officers to issue citations quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for handwritten tickets and paper copies. The electronic system will streamline crash investigations and traffic enforcement, leading to higher citizen satisfaction. 


Upgraded Swiftwater PPE and Training ($34,603.77)


BPFF awarded a grant to support enhanced training and new Swiftwarer PPE equipment. This funding ensures that both teams are well-prepared and outfitted to handle high water incidents and swift water rescues, enhancing overall community safety.

2023 Funded Projects

VEOCI Expansion - ID Badge Printer, Fingerprint Scanner,  Laptop, Case and Training  ($15,667.25)


This expansion of the VEOCI system allows BFD to create an enhanced accountability system for our staff to utilize on emergency scenes by producing ID Badges. It iwll also be used to print ID badges for city staff to check in/out during EOC activations

Jeep Gladiator Vehicle for Community Relations Officer & Recruiting (24,469.33)


BPFF funded 50% of the cost of a new speciality vehcile for use by the community relations officer and as a tool for recruiting.  The other 50% was funded by Helfman River Oaks and by Dr. Michael Michaek Kaplan with Kaplan Sinus.  The vehicle features a speciality wrap for recruiting and would improve operational efficiency by enabling the department to repurpose the current vehicle used by the community relations officer to the patrol fleet.


2022 Funded Projects


ALPR (Automatic License Plate Reader) Pilot Program ($27,500.00)


The ALPR pilot program  grant approved in 2020 and deployed in 2021 has been very successful and the City of Bellaire has assumed ongoing costs for the initial 10 cameras.  The new grant expands the program by funding 10 additional cameras for a total of 30.


VEOCI Software ($25,410.00)


VEOCI software enhances the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) capabilities and allows for more modern, ehanced management of incidents and events. This software is both for use by internal EOC staff but also has external functions that allow one-way push notifications to be sent to the public or other involved entities. 


2021 Funded Projects


ALPR (Automatic License Plate Reader) Pilot Program ($27,500.00)


The ALPR pilot program  grant approved in 2020 and deployed in 2021 has been very successful and the City of Bellaire has assumed ongoing costs for the initial 10 cameras.  The new grant expands the program by funding 10 additional cameras for a total of 20.


3D and 2D Scanners ($89,272.98)


BPFF funded 3D and 2D scanners that can be deployed to crash, crime and fire scenes and provide a myriad of benefits:

  • Reduces the amount of time required to conduct fatality crash investigations resulting in officers going back into service and roadways reopening faster
  • Fire scenes can be mapped for later examination and evidence review
  • Creates a model from which measurements can be collected after a scene has been released
  • The 2D scanner allows for quick mapping and the creation of a floorplan for any structure
  • 2D floor plans can be collected and saved in the dispatch center as well as patrol in-car computers with floor plans for major facilities and schools
  • BFD can house floorplans in dispatch or on vehicles


2020 Funded Projects

Swift Water Equipment & Boat Upgrade - BFD ($7,199.10)


Personal protective and other equipment for use by BFD in flood responses plus an upgrade to BFD's boat floor surface to provide a safer work area for staff and citizens.


Special Response Team (SRT) gear and equipment - BFD  ($31,469.65)


SRT Gear and equipment allowing BFD's specially trained SRT medics to safely provide medical aid during a BPD SRT desployment.


ALPR (Automatic Licence Plate Reader) Pilot Program ($27,500.00)


BPFF approved funded for a 10 camera wireless ALPR system that captures both license plate and vehicle make / model.  BPD will utilize this crime investigation tool to aid in the investigation of property and other crimes.


Co-Funded Management Study ($20,000.00)


BPFF co-funded a study with the City of Bellaire to evaluate BPD's operational efficiency, policies, resource optimization and other key areas.


2019 Funded Projects

Body Cameras - BFD ($34,048.00)


BPFF funded a new body camera program for BFD to support visibility and safety for both citizens and BFD staff.


Dry Suits - BFD ($13,865.00)


BPFF funded a new body camera program for BFD to support visibility and safety for both citizens and BFD staff.


High Water Response Vehicle - BPD ($25,500.00)


BPFF funded the purchase and upgrade of a six-wheel three acel truck specifically designed for high water operations.  The funding including new paint and the installation of a special lift to allow for easy loading and unloading of people.  




Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Program Phas II - BPD ($41,718.00)


BPFF funded an expansion of the origonal UAV program it funded in 2018 which has been an overwhelming sucess.  In 2018 and 2019, the Phase I UAV program supported searches for lost children, large event security, identifying traffic patterns, and search/recovery of a drowning victim. Phase II added two additional UAV's with upgraded capabilities.


Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM) - BPD ($8,795.00)


BPFF funded a trailer mounted Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM) with an onboard computer which captures traffic volumes and speeds. A vehicle’s speed is displayed to obtain voluntary compliance from drivers.  This is an expansion to the program BPFF funded in 2018 for an initial SAM which is in high demand by residents and there is normally a waiting list for its deployment.  This program has been very successful, and the trailer has greatly improved traffic and event safety with the ability to message drivers.


Previosuly Funded Projects

  • Police Boat Equiping 
  • Force Option / De-Escalation VR Trainer
  • Speed Awareness Trailer & Message Board 
  • Phase I - Entry Level Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • Radio Redundancy Project
  • Flood Responder Personal Protective Equipment
  • Inflatable Boat
  • Blood Gas Analyzer
  • Body Cameras
  • High Water Rescue Vehicle
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch Software
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